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Why SunOn Energy?

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Solar Power Solutions That You Can Count On.

At SunOn our mission is HAPPINESS. Happiness for our team and our customers. Everyone has different values and reasons for going solar. Whether you want to save on your energy costs immediately, invest in your home, or do your part for the planet; our goal is to provide you with great service. In the end we will be one big HAPPY family.

1. We have a proven track record

We take pride in our business and we’re market leaders in California. We have successfully helped residential and commercial clients convert to solar and subsequently save tens of thousands in energy costs.

2. We are committed to delivering affordable energy solutions that:

-Give you a renewable energy source
-Provide energy security
-Make your home self-reliant
-Deliver a reliable energy source
-Saving you thousands
-Increasing your home value

3. We are dedicated to you, our client

Unlike some companies, we are invested in educating our clients on the benefits and processes involved with moving from traditional energy to solar power. We will help you understand exactly what to expect before, during and after you make the switch to solar power.